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​I.    Defining the Problem
II.   Who is Affected by Bullying?
III.  Where Bullying Risks Manifest
The Art of Prevention Corporation (APC) was formed for public good to address national problems that affect health, safety and wellbeing. APC is a nonprofit resource offering prevention strategies which raise awareness, mitigate risks, minimize suffering and contain costs. 

Our first initiative, PeerPaL™, is a campus violence prevention system designed to create Certified Safe Zones™ (CSZs™). Our program supports the universal, incident management plan (IMP) model, developed by FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security to implement prevention, intervention, response and recovery strategies.  

PeerPaL™ tailors incident management plans (IMPs) to create site specific Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) for individual campuses.  We use a web-based, collaborative portal to bring together all stakeholders that have made a commitment to becoming violence free. 

What can you expect to see on the portal? 

The definition of a Certified Safe Zone™ (CSZ™)

The method to follow in order to become designated a CSZ™.

Access to tools used to become a CSZ™

Infographics to track progress toward becoming a CSZ™

WEDU Be More Awards PeerPaLTM Video

​PeerPaLTM speaks to the Hillsborough County School Board
"Acting to Affirm Life"

Our Mission:  To Prevent Injury, Fatality and Psychological Trauma
The Art of Prevention Corporation, A non-profit incorporated in Hillsborough County, Florida
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The Art of Prevention School Violence Quick Facts Tampa
Elissa-Beth Gross, Executive Director presents the PeerPaL™ Campus Violence Prevention System designed to create Certified Safe Zones™ (CSZs™) to Florida Design Out Crime Association (FLDOCA) Orlando, Florida. Audience members included architects, city planners, law enforcement & school campus administrators. (2014)

Gross pictured with Art Hushen, Chairman, FLDOCA and president of National Institute of Crime Prevention (NICP).