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​I.    Defining the Problem
II.   Who is Affected by Bullying?
III.  Where Bullying Risks Manifest
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​Hillsborough County Public Schools  Excellence in Education

HCPS embraces the importance of young people on our nation’s future. As the 8th largest school district in the United States, with an annual budget of $2.8 billion, it has raised its Federal Graduation Rate by 10.5% in the last five years. 

The county’s commitment to students begins with support to teachers.
In 2009, Hillsborough public schools received the single largest grant
ever awarded to a district - $100 million – from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  
These funds were received in recognition of steadfast leadership. 

All high schools in the district made The Washington Post’s list of America’s Most Challenging High Schools. We’ve witnessed a 100% increase in participation in Advanced Placement courses over six years. The numbers are impressive; yet, the challenges are many. 

One concern that must supersede education, is safety. The Art of Prevention team is vested to help ensure every student is nurtured and developed in an environment conducive to learning.  

Doing Business in Hillsborough County, Florida 

APC is headquartered in Hillsborough County, Florida, an ideal location for testing programs; in 2009 Tampa was the 54th largest city in the United States and had a 13% growth rate. Federal funds coming into Tampa annually are estimated at $178 million. Since 1960 the County called every presidential election except for one, confirming its relevance as a cross-section population to effectively evaluate programs. According to the Nonprofit Leadership Center of Tampa Bay, as of August 2011, 2,020 organizations in Hillsborough filed Form 990s with the Internal Revenue Service, reporting $4,606,232,338 in revenue. According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, as of 2011, the top 100 nonprofits in the county employed approximately 41,047 individuals, representing 7.71 percent of the overall workforce. Top employers are in the health, human services and education sectors. APC programs are advantageously positioned to collaborate with potential partners in each of the key nonprofit business sectors. The need for services offered by APC are documented by the National Prevention Council and by comparing benchmarks to national statistics.

                                                              Hillsborough County                 National Benchmark

Premature Deaths                                                                                                  
Violent Crime Rate                                                                                                        
Preventable Hospital Stays                                                                                            
Children in Poverty                                                                                                         
Inadequate Social Support                                                                                            
Children in Single-parent Household                                                                             
Access to Recreational Facilities                                                                                      

Statistics on Hillsborough County are available from Healthy Tampa Bay: One Bay Community Dashboard. Statistics on Florida are available from the U.S. Census Bureau.

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"Acting to Affirm Life"

Our Mission:  To Prevent Injury, Fatality and Psychological Trauma